About Us

Jewelry for a Muse is a Par Excellence AMG Communications' company--originally founded in 2000.

The Founder's Story

At a very early age I developed an interest in helping other people. In this quest, I studied psychology, anthropology, sociology, international studies, and foreign languages.  What I learned was that regardless of race and religion or color, all of us are basically looking for the same thing: to be happy!  Our greatest enemy is our lack of self confidence.  With time I realized that a great enabler of self-esteem was the power of jewelry.

Jewelry can put a smile on someone’s lips, a sign of empowerment on the conscious, and a symbol of hope.  It was in this manner that I arrived at the study of gemology.  I knew then that I wanted to provide people the opportunity to have access to a nice piece at a low cost but with an elegant design.  In 2000, Jewelry for a Muse was created along with the introduction of our classic collection.

Our designs vary from earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with semi precious stones and one of a kind designs. Upon request, we also design jewelry with stones that have healing powers. In 2007, we added a new line called AMG Chic--a line of unique premium designs for the modern women regardless of age.

Our mission is to provide the best quality at an affordable price-- to feel rich you do not have to be rich. Enjoy!
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