Cleaning Tips

Take a few steps to help maintain your jewelry so they will sparkle more and last longer.

Jewelry needs to be stored carefully to avoid scratching or chipping. Store jewelry individually in cases or soft cloth pouches to prevent uncessary damage.

Clean your jewelry regularly as dust, skin oil, or other particles can accumulate, which leads to uncessary scratches or damage.  Clean them from time to time in soap and water, or purchase a bottle of jewelry cleaner to deep clean and help maintain that sparkle. Use a soft bristle tooth brush for hard to clean areas. Be sure to read and follow the directions carefully as some cleaners may be too harsh for a particular type of stone. Be sure to dry and polish your jewelry afterwards with a soft cloth or microcloth.

Be careful when using ultrasonic cleaning machines with your jewelry as it may actually get damaged. For instance, small hairline cracks may expand or pendants that are attached with adhesives may loosen.

When in doubt, take your jewelry to a professional for more advice.
Jewelry Cleaning Tips
Jewelry Cleaning Tips
  • store carefully
  • clean regularly with soap and water
  • use jewelry cleaner and brush for deep cleaning
  • dry and polish
  • seek professional assistance when in doubt