Understand Necklace Sizing

Necklaces traditionally come in several lengths. Depending on the length, the necklace will hang at various lengths from a person's neckline. You may estimate the necklace length by using a thin string or strip of paper,  and placing it around your neck and extending down from your neck to the position you desire. Once you have marked the length, measure it with a ruler or tape measure.

10- to 13-inch necklaces: short necklaces that wrap close around the neck, and they are typically called "chokers."

16- to 18-inch necklaces: short/medium lengh necklaces that stay close to the neck where attached pendants typically lie above the breatbone area.

17- to 20-inch necklaces: medium necklaces that meet near the top of the breastbone region.

20- to 24-inch necklaces: medium/long necklaces that typically meet at the top of the bust line area.

28- to 34-inch necklaces: long necklace that hang  below the bust line region; may be worn as a double-strand as well.

Longer than 34-inch necklaces: very long necklaces that can be worn as a double- or triple-strand; these will be around the naval area or below. We rarely carry these lengths except for custom orders.
Jewelry Measurements
Jewelry Measurements
  • use thin string or a strip of paper to measure desired necklace length
  • use length descriptions (on the left) to narrow choices