Necklaces 2
Jasper necklace accented with carnelian and multi-colored jasper. Chic collection. 26" long. [Stress, courage, honesty, anger, and envy] $60Green and white jasper necklace accented with glass beads. Chic collection. 27" long. [Depression, stamina, fertility, love, prosperity] $55Carnelian necklace with silver spacers. Chic collection. 25" long. [Anger and envy] $45Jasper necklace with cherry quartz and glass bead accents. Chic collection. 23" long. [Stress, courage, honesty, anxiety, and sexual health] $55Shell and aventurine necklace. Chic collection. 29" long. [Stress, courage, honesty, luck, confidence, and creativity] $55Sponge coral and shell necklace. Chic collection. 27" long. [Stress, courage, honesty] $60 Just Sold! Sorry, no more in stock.Jasper necklace with large pendants. Chic collection. 26" long. [Stress, courage, and honesty] $60Shell and sodalite necklace highlighted with mini silver beads. Chic collection. 25" long. $40Shell pendant and Jasper necklace highlighted withCherry Quartz and Jade beads. Chic collection. 23" in length. $40Intricate wood pendant accented with jasper, carnelian, and shell. Chic collection. 18" long. $45New jade and rhodochrosite necklace highlighted with jade pendant. Chic collection. 24" long. [Protection, luck, longevity, wisdom, self-esteem, and confidence] $65Jasper necklace wiith pendants. Chic collection. 19" long. [Stress, courage, honesty] $55Glass bead necklace accented with silver spacers and silver start pendant. Classic collection. 23" long. $30
Necklace with Shell Pendant
Necklaces Collection
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